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Tax planning and preparation
It’s our business to know how to prepare timely and accurate tax returns, and to use every advantage afforded under the law to reduce your taxes. By the time your tax returns are due, there is little we can do to affect the outcome. Instead of looking backwards, we like to look forward. Tax planning is the best way to make the biggest reductions in future taxes.

Business consulting
Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but we haven’t been accountants all our lives. Before our careers in accounting, we were in the world of small business, managing companies and dealing with the day-to-day struggles a small businessperson faces. We remember how hard it is to find time to run a business - while keeping track of all the details that demand one’s attention. With our skills and training, we can get you the answer you need to keep things running smoothly. If we don’t have the answer for you, we’ll find you someone who does.

Planning for retirement, college or estates
If you think the tax code is tricky when it comes to personal income taxes, take a look at retirement and estates. The rules and regulations seem endless. The areas of retirement, college savings and estate taxes are currently undergoing unprecedented changes. We work full-time to keep up with these changes so we can deliver information to you to help you make the right choices. Making the wrong choice or failing to make a choice in these areas can have catastrophic consequences. Let us help you think ahead.

Financial Statements
Do you ever get a request for financial statements? What is required to have an independent accountant prepare a financial statement? Epstein Group is a registered member of The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as well as The Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants. We participate in their peer-review program and have been issued a clean opinion to document the quality and integrity of our work. We will prepare your compiled or reviewed financial statements and we’ll take away some of the mystery surrounding this type of work. The accounting profession is seeing some much-needed change in the area of assurance services. We’re staying on top of those changes to better serve you.